Thursday, December 10, 2009


Things I am thankful for today (in no particular order):
1.  My amazing job.  It's like detective work!  Spent some long hours today in the cleanroom lab, but we're finally figuring out the optimum process to make our devices how they need to be.  Nothing satisfies a crafter more than making something with your hands and having it turn out right!

2.  Seasons.  Winter in particular is one of my favourite seasons, and just being outside today in the crisp cold air fills me with joy.  How cool is it that we get half of the year to wear bamboo tops and linen skirts, and the other half to wear wool sweaters and alpaca scarves and merino mittens.  No matter what you want to knit, there's a season to wear it here  (this is a knitting blog after all....we need to have an obligatory mention of knitting to pretend like I'm not trying to distract you from my unfinished knitting projects).

3.  A WARM house to come home to.  Mmmm, cozy!

4.  God's provision for me, just in general.  This past 6 months has been full of crazy instances of everything I need just falling into my lap.  Not the least of which is my newest electronic aquisition:  my new laptop who is now known as Wavelet.  Just in time after my desktop died and the fan on my old lappy went kaput.

5.  Hanging out with my roommate.  Seriously, she is so awesome and encouraging and optimistic and excited about EVERYTHING and just plain fun.

Suggestions of things I might like to receive for Christmas (in no particular order):
(for interested family members or friends who might be wondering)
1.  Second controller for my Wii
2.  Oven mitts
3.  Wii games
4.  Glow-in-the-dark yarn
5.  Sock yarn (superwash)
6.  Geeky jewelry
7.  Clothes
8.  Games to play when I have people over like Munchkin, or Fluxx, or interesting board games.
9.  A full Bible that's pocket-size.  Like, not notebook sized, but extra tiny to easily fit into a purse.
10.  Notebooks, the ones that are about the size of a regular piece of paper folded in half.  I go through a lot of them.
11.  A freestanding lamp for my room.  The overhead light drives me crazy, but I have no alternative at the moment.
12.  Use your imagination.  I like surprises!
For just general guidelines, I like stuff I can use, that is practical.  Also, remember that I have to carry things back with me from Ontario to BC, as well as all the gifts for my brother and sister-in-law, so small is good.  Suitcase space is limited.

Recipes I want to make for the holidays from the Joy of Baking site:

Hope I have time for all this baking!!


Susan said...

I am thankful for amazing friends like you. :)

I'm hosting a party this week with some of my geeky programmer friends from school, and I was at a loss for ideas of activities... until I read your post. I think a couple of rounds of Fluxx would be perfect! Thanks for the idea. Now the question is... Monty Python or vanilla?

Your pics of baked goods made me want to bake, too. Perhaps I should...

Are you visiting your brother this holiday season? ;P

Arzu said...

Monty Python all the way! And yes, nothing finishes off a day of coding like a fresh pan of cookies straight out of the oven. I think you should!

I'll be in Ottawa after Christmas, from the 29th till I fly back to Vancouver on January 1st. Thinking of perhaps having a pie and Star Trek get-together if you're interested.... (with the two couples who came to see ST with us previously).

Susan said...

Pie and Star Trek with you and your friends sounds amazing on so many levels. I'm in. :)