Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday is a knitting day!

I knitted today!  Knitting times are few and far between lately, so any times I can sneak out my needles and yarn are precious.  This was the last Knit-Lunch at UBC for 2009.  I'm hoping we'll attract even more knitters in 2010 and be able to book an entire room for our weekly fibre crafts.  I'm nearly finished the Blackrose Wristlets.  I had some yarn left over from the Blackrose Socks I made (remember the felting disaster those were?) so I decided to use it up on something that I would remember would be a HANDWASH ONLY item.  I frogged half of the first glove because it was too long and I ran out of yarn on the second glove, so I knit the second one while unravelling the first until they were both the same length.  But then I had to go back and fix the thumb-hole height on the first one.  So, those are nearing completion at least.

Things I am thankful for today
1.  A break in the rain while I was walking home.
2.  My very helpful friend Ian who has been awesome at assisting me in getting my computer issues solved.
3.  A wonderful dinner made by my friend Yeon Ju, and being able to meet her husband and share about our lives.
4.  Wafer #S122, on which rests all our hopes and dreams for the future of our lab.
5.  Willing guinea pigs to test out new and/or modified baking recipes that I concoct.

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