Friday, April 17, 2009

The end of a chapter

Well, it is with my heart full of joy with all the blessings of this past year, and yet full of sorrow that it is all coming to an end that I write this post. I will have a knitting update for you soon, but I thought perhaps it was about time I wrote about all the crazy goings-on of Real Life.

Tonight, I graduated (well, not technically - I still have to write my graduating essay - but close enough). Two years of studying, of homework, of writing reports and assignments, of reading textbooks and papers, of living half my life in the CanIL computer lab, all this has come to an end tonight. And it has been marvellous. My CanIL friends, you have no idea how much I have been blessed by your friendship and your smiling faces. Going to school has been full of so much joy from getting to know all of you. For those that are leaving, you will be dearly missed. The lab is full of the echoes of your laughter, and all the crazy adventures that we had there. Please do keep in touch! Know that wherever I am in the world, there will always be a place for you in my home if ever you come by.

Also, to my beautiful and amazing knit night girls, I shall miss you so very much. When I was brand new to Langley and didn't know anyone, you adopted me and made me feel like I was part of the group even though I had only just arrived. I know that Vancouver isn't THAT far away, and that we'll still be able to knit together, but I'll miss being a regular at knit night and getting to see all your projects and hear about your lives from week to week. No matter what other knitting groups I may join, you will always be my knit night family.

Now, when one chapter ends, that always means that a new chapter is beginning. I'm kickstarting this chapter with a visit to Ontario. VERY excited to go home and see some friends and family there. I have a little under 3 weeks and it's going to be packed full of visiting, knitting, and all manner of fun things.

I have also begun to apply for jobs. It is rather daunting, but Vancouver is a great place to be if you're in the market to find a job. Ideally, I'd love to work at a job where I could use my engineering background or some of my lab experience. I like a job to be interesting and challenging. I've been keeping an eye on job postings for now, but the real job hunt will begin in earnest when I return to Vancouver.

I know that this upcoming year will be wonderful and exciting and full of all manner of adventures that I haven't yet begun to imagine. So even as I say goodbye to my life as a student, there is so much more that God has in store for my life that I have yet to experience. This will be my first time living in a 'big city' and I'm glad to be able to experience living in Vancouver when the Olympics come here next year. I love global events that bring people together from all over the world. Also, my new housemate (technically my landlady, but that's such a cold and impersonal word) has wonderful plans for us to grow vegetables in the garden and keep some laying hens for eggs and create a little craft nook for us to all be creative! She is so sweet, and I'm really looking forward to all the fun and creative things that we're starting to plan. Sometimes I feel like this is one of the best places to be, with your whole future open to endless possibilities and full of so many opportunities.

And lastly to my blog readers, I'm glad that you're with me on this journey. A journey is always sweeter when you have people to share it with, and I'm honoured that you choose to come here every week to share mine. Your comments have been like little beams of sunshine on some of my most dreary assignment-filled days. You are such thoughtful and creative people, and I'm glad that many of you blog yourselves so that I can see what astonishingly wonderful things you have been crafting. It inspires me to keep at this blog thing myself and continue posting up pictures of all my knitting creations.

Yes, I know, it's been one of those sappy sentimental kind of evenings. If you just skimmed this post cause it was way long and didn't have any knitting pictures, then I shall leave you with a closing summary: I love you guys!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Disaster averted

It is very important to read the washing instructions on a ball of yarn. In fact, it is critically and crucially important, in order to save oneself from a terrible fate of weeping and agony over an item which represents hours of work. And while we're on the topic, who makes sock yarn that isn't superwash? That's like making an indoor-use only bulldozer, or a car that can't be used on rainy days - oh wait, that's a convertible - but my point is, handwashing a pair of socks is a silly silly thing. As such, it never even occured to me that I should check my yarn label prior to tossing my newly knitted socks in the wash.

When they came out of the washing machine, they looked like misshapen midget socks. A feeling of pure horror pierced this little knitter's soul. Still wet from the wash, I managed to fit them only my feet and allowed them to 'block' dry there, taking them off every hour or so to give them a good tug. Luckily, the size I'd made had been a tad on the large side, so the result is that my socks still fit! They just barely fit, and they're not as stretchy as before owing to the felting that took place, but I shall convince myself that this felting only made them softer, and more sturdy. Here they are, post disaster, looking quite innocent, as if they hadn't tried to felt into oblivion and cause me a heart attack.

Otherwise, this week has been quite busy (all those end-of-semester papers and upcoming exams were sooner than I thought) but really good. I found a couple of unbelievably cheap plane tickets, so I'm going to be spending three weeks home in Ontario. I CAN'T WAIT to see Jenn's little babies, and she says that she's been telling them about Auntie Sarah :D

Also, in a crazy impetuous whirlwind of a decision, I'm now moving to Vancouver! More details on that later, but suffice it to say that the resident cat in the house is a cute and fluffy Scottish Fold (looks like this - and was in this pose waiting for tummy rubs when I visited) *beams with happiness*

Between writing papers and studying for exams and lounging on my porch swing in the gloriously beautiful weather we've been having, I also made some progress on the Zelda Toboggan. Behold, the triforce is taking shape!