Saturday, November 14, 2009

Island Adventures

*jumps up and down excitedly*

I have one FO!!!! Yes, after so many weeks of no knitting pictures, I finally finished one of those suckers. Guess which one? Aha, trick question, I haven't yet blogged about it! Really though, it was tiny. A friend of mine has a friend who has a store for selling pet accessories so I made this little dog scarf for her. I might make another quick dog scarf tomorrow (a smaller one....I cast on way more stitches than I needed to for the first one). My roommate generously provided a bear as a model of this lovely canine accessory.

Might as well proceed to the bad news which is that I STILL haven't decided what to do with the supposed headwrap that didn't turn out to be a headwrap at all since it was lacking several requisite inches. It's just sitting in a little pile, monopolizing my bamboo knitting needles and sneering at me. I'm going to need to undo my kitchener stitch, and perhaps bind off both ends to make it into a small scarf just to be done with it.

The reinvention of my Calorimetry Headband into a freestyled cabled .... um ... thingamabob? is going well. It's still a headband, just to clarify, but with cables that meander about in a mostly organized fashion.

Anyone else like the changes to Blogger's image insertion interface, by the way? I'm so glad to be able to insert my images as I type, instead of having them appear at the top of my text and having to drag them down to the bottom manually on the ridiculously short window space that Blogger gives us to write in.

My parents came up for my graduation this weekend, and stayed all week long. Actually, they didn't so much stay, as take me with them on a trip to Vancouver Island! I love vacationing with my parents because:
1. It's really cheap
2. My parents are fun people!
3. Did I mention it's really cheap?
We spent some time in Victoria, and met up with one of my childhood friends that I haven't seen in FOREVER. She gave us a marvelous tour of the city. The most blog-worthy mention of that day was the sheer number of rabbits that swarm the campus at the University of Victoria. Holy Bunny Invasion Batman! Most of them are quite tame, having grown up on campus and are used to being fed by students. It was like watching the Star Trek episode 'Trouble with Tribbles' right before my eyes. These little bunnies were seriously everywhere.

After spending some time in Victoria, we drove out to Sooke to check out the birds in the lagoon there (no self-respecting birdwatcher could skip this opportunity! ...and by that I mean my mother, not me....) and it was gorgeous and sunny. I got some great pictures there. After that we went up to Nanaimo, and came home via North Van, stopping off at Lynn Canyon for a bit of a hike.

My last piece of news was that I made a very reckless and spur of the moment decision today. Let me illustrate it for you.

Behold my brand new (new-to-me more specifically) Nintendo Wii! It's snuggled up there with the PS2 so they can keep each other company, but with the controllers in between so that the consoles won't fight. I found a wicked deal on craigslist that was too good to pass up. I wanted to name it 'Nanaimo' since I had just returned from there, but I mis-spelled it as I was trying to type with the remote, and when I looked up it said, "Do you want to name your Wii 'Nanzimo'?" I clicked yes. has a nice ring.


Susan said...

The pic of you surrounded by rabbits is super-cute.

Ilix said...

um.. I haven't seen that updated feature.... for inserting pics.. where is it?

Rebecca said...

Hey, can't believe you're moving on to a Wii without your old roomie to play with!