Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Belated Monday Thankfulness

I know it's not Monday anymore.  I was so sleepy last night I totally forgot to blog.  However, let me tell you what I DID do last night.  I went shopping.  I know, I never go shopping.  Can't stand it.  However, Christmas is coming, and there are gifts that need to be gotten.  I found that 7-9pm on a Monday night is actually a very pleasant time to shop.  No crowds, very little noise, everything is winding down for the day.  The mall was practically empty, which is exactly how I like it.  AND I made great progress on gift-getting!  Only a few things left to pick up!

Things I was thankful for yesterday:
1.  Grace.
2.  Having a friend who also dislikes shopping accompany me on my mall adventure.  Together, we shall conquer! 
3.  The fact that I get to go home to Ontario in just a few days, to where snow lasts more than 12 hours and doesn't change into rain until spring.  
4.  Wonderful friends and family members that love getting random gifts.  Really random gifts, just to warn you....
5.  Getting to throw out 6 months of accumulated devices and molds in the lab and reclaim 90% of our shelf space.

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