Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Update - in which I am awesome

Hi blogland!  As Shelle recently commented, it is true that I haven't posted in ages.  Not to say that I haven't written anything, in fact, I have about three substantial posts half-written, but need some time to sit down and finish them properly.  Time that I haven't really had lately.  Haven't even been knitting, in fact.  But to distract you, I shall post some pictures of the scarf I finished a couple months ago.  It's the latest installment of the knitting request list, which means I'm due to move on to the next one.  Though, it seems like everyone is having babies so I might do some baby knitting first.

Scaf specs:  Doubleknit, half wool half acrylic.  Design by the recipient Reizo Ryuu aka darkshadow aka DS. The design is the emblem of the Hidden Village of the Sand from the anime Naruto.  

Even though I've been so crazily busy, it hasn't felt like it.  I've been getting  lots of sleep, and even started doing pilates with my roommate, as well as intentionally making tasty healthy meals in the house.  Yes, most of my free time is filled up with homework, but I'm not succumbing to my undergrad tendencies to throw everything out the window and become an academic workaholic.  I'm trying out this new "diligent but balanced lifestyle" thing, and it's pretty awesome.  

I write to you at the moment from YVR airport, en route to LA.  There's only two weeks left to the semester, and I'm dashing off to sunny California to visit my cousin and attend a conference.  I'll probably have to work like a maniac when I get back to finish my term project in time, but for the moment, I shall enjoy this beautiful vacation.  Who knows, I might even make some sporadic updates from LA.  We shall see.  Till next time, be well, be happy, and have a beautiful day.