Sunday, November 18, 2007


Wow, I still have blog readers! Awesome!

Things in craft land have been pretty slow, because grad school is a surprising amount of work, and I got really sick in there for a while, and was basically floored for an entire week (could have been flu, tonsil infection, or maybe even mono.....regardless, it was highly unpleasant) and had to catch up on all my homework after that....ick. But, crafting has not come to a complete halt. For instance, I finally got around to finishing the Dark Saber scarf, of Arcness' design, and it will be mailed out to him without too much further delay.

The yarn is good ol' Cascade 220, and I knit it from side to side on a giant pair of circular needles (10cm I think?) and it was a challenge. Nevertheless, it turned out pretty well I think. I won't venture an estimate on the time it took to complete since I worked on it pretty sporadically.

The infamous socks are STILL in progress. They're like the project that never ends. Maybe one day they will be finished.

I also have two craft swaps in progress (both of which I'm behind in.....yikes!) but I'm pretty much done making my crafts for those, and I'm quite pleased with how everything came out! I'll be taking pictures tomorrow before I send those packages off, and once my swap partners receive, you guys will get to see the goodies as well!

In the meantime, I want to share with you the awesome crafts I received from my fantastic swap partner Maimun, in the Star Trek swap! Everything she made me was perfect and awesome, and she themed it like an away-mission. The first was this totally cool duct tape bag:

Next, she made me this awesome travel mug:

And a beautiful bracelet:

And lastly, some wicked stitch markers (which I have been desperately needing):
So hurrah! I hope that Maimun likes what I made for her as much as I like what she made for me.

The other craft swap I have in progress is the Retro Video Game swap. Keep watching the blog, cause once that one arrives I'll have pictures up for all of you to see!