Monday, May 28, 2007

Dying is easier the second time

For my Guild Wars guild members and allies reading this, no I am not talking about being rezzed with Vengeance or Death Pact Signet (although both are marvelously fun). This post, is about dying yarn!

On the holiday weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Philosopher's Wool and tour the farm. The old philosopher himself gave us the tour, with his rubber boots on over his thick knitted socks and his white hair and beard sticking out at all angles from his head. The tour was fantastic, and we got to see the little lambs, and the wool at each stage of the process to becoming yarn. If any of you ever visit there, I also encourage to ask you the story of how they built their house, because that is a fascinating story in itself.

Myself, Jenn, and Jordan each got a skien of undyed yarn and set to work that afternoon with some jars, some food colouring, and a trusty microwave! Due to my previous experience dying yarn with koolaid, I was much better prepared this time, and we each decided to dye our skeins with three colours.
They turned out better than we could have expected! Here are our three skeins drying outside. I sent mine to my sister who is at the moment confined in the middle of nowhere, BC, with no car and no internet. Knit lots, Anna! You'll be a prostar knitter by the end of the summer, sis!

In terms of other projects, the Kon Hat take #2 is almost complete. Details and pictures to follow when I finish it up. I've also cast on the second try at a pair of socks. To be able to knit along with a friend, I'm doing some very basic socks from the book The Urban Knitter. My swap partner from the Anime/Manga swap at Craftster also received her package, so I'll post up the details of those soon.

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C.C. Fanatic said...

Those colors are pimping!!! =P You take your knitting seriously. =)