Saturday, November 22, 2008

Coming up, right after the break!

I went to go make this blog post today, and realized that the batteries in my camera are dead, as are my backup batteries. So, while they charge, here is a sneak preview of what sort of fun pictures will appear later today!

Stash-buster slippers! I made two pairs of these babies. Not the prettiest slippers ever, but true to their name they eat through a lot of yarn, and let you get rid of some of those half-balls of weird colours that you've had sitting around for ages. Made in a one-size-fits-all pattern.

The saga of the lacy cardigan continues. I've had the pieces finished for a few weeks now, and they're just sitting in a sad little pile on my desk, waiting to be transformed into a finished garment. Will I overcome my dislike of seaming to actually finish this project? Will the cardigan actually look nice at the end?

Remember those socks I started waaaaay back over the summer? Oh...maybe you don't remember them, because I don't think I mentioned them yet. Oh oh! I do have a picture of them back when I started them.
I loved that dock. What a nice relaxing summer. So yes, those socks have been finished for quite a while. Pictures will follow!

I designed a hat! It's Mario-licious. I'm still not happy with the earflaps, but that won't take too long to re-knit.

Check back soon!


Susan said...

What a fun surprise to have you comment on my blog! Thanks for your compliment on my new colour; I'm in love. I'm posting a full-length shot so the full glory can be seen... :)
You'll never know, for better or for worse, if your cardi is a gem or not until you seam it. No point in doing all that work not to know, is there? (Unless you're a process knitter, and the satisfaction of simply knitting something is good enough. I'm one of those.)
Post pics when you get around to seaming, so I can either be envious or laugh! :) (With you. Not at you.)

Ilix said...

The new hat is Mario-licious! Can't wait to see some pics!