Sunday, November 23, 2008

2am Adventures

It's fairly unusual for me to make this many posts in such a short time, but it's been an unusual couple of days.

I was woken up at 1:30am last night by my housemate shouting, "There's water pouring out of the wall!" And sure enough, their WAS water pouring out of the wall. Around where the water pipes are, to be exact, and the torrent was turning the floor into a floodplain. Luckily, the floor slopes down right about there, so it was taking longer to spread into the kitchen and laundry room. I ran to get some towels to form a barricade, to keep the water from spreading into the carpeted area, my roommate heroically waded into the torrent and found the water shutoff valve, and our housemate went to go find our landlady who lives above us on the 2nd floor of the house.

All 3 missions were successful. Well, nearly successful because our landlady wasn't home, but her son was and he assured us that the necessary calls would be made in the morning to have the water fixed. In the meantime, we were busily sopping up the water with towels and squeezing it into buckets, with our pyjama pants rolled up to our knees. Once the water was stopped, we were fairly efficient in getting rid of all the water, and removing anything that was at floor level to higher ground. Here's an action shot of my awesome roomies working hard to get the water cleaned up.

The morning was fairly uneventful with the exception of a small but persistent trickle of water which refused to stop running, but luckily was small enough that we could contain it. After having an expert in to assess the situation, we now have cold water (a VAST improvement over no water at all) and hopefully should have hot water back by tomorrow.

Also, my other reason for writing is to let you know that my awesome friend who goes by the name ifihadaboat in the online world is having a sale at her Etsy shop! She's offering free shipping for a limited time, so if you have a chance you should check out all of her beautiful handmade jewelry.


Steph-bunny said...

Wow! I totally feel your pain! We had our 90 gallon fish tank leak, then pour out onto the thankfully-tiled entry-way to our house. And Brent has once accidentally left the sink running with it plugged, only to find a giant puddle all over the kitchen! @__@ That was less fun than the 90 gallon tank {which, btw, leaked then DUMPED itself, not once, but TWICE in two weeks.}

Aesderina said...

Wow that's so crazy..
Glad to see you post so many times!! makes my nights interseting but sorry that your floor flooded.. at least you don't have to pay for it!! LOL

Hope you didn't have early class the next day!

Ilix said...

Wow... an adventure for sure!