Friday, February 8, 2008

You know you're on the west coast when.... walk outside and it's +5 degrees C and you hear someone say, "Holy crap it's cold out today." It's the dead of winter, and still feels like spring to me. I didn't even have to bust out my toque until January. Actually, it's been pretty awesome because we've had a few really good snows (sadly no snow days though) this month, and from what my Vancouverite friends tell me, that's pretty unusual for here. I'll definitely take snow over rain any day.

School is busy (I know, what else is new, right?) but reading week is approaching quickly and I'm looking forward to a week of uninterrupted crafting.

For those of you who are anime fans, I've been rewatching Seirei No Moribito recently with a friend of mine, and am reminded of how excellent a show it is. Apparently it's based off of the first of a series of novels. That one has been translated into English, but not the others sadly. Hopefully one day in future I'll be able to read all of them.

As for knitting, the socks are nearly done, they just need to have the toes finished up. I'll take a nice action shot for you all when I get them done. The spiral effect is captured a lot better when the socks are actually being worn.

I know, you want pictures. No pictures of current projects right now, BUT I do have some pics of a few things I made for a Retro Video Game craft swap last semester.

First up, anyone remember Galaga? I charted this little guy from a screenshot of the game. The one side is the good guy, and the other side has two of the baddies. If you're not familiar with the game, it's a bit of a Space Invaders knockoff. Very old school. I did the patterns in duplicate stitch. The pouch has a zipper sewn in (see previous blog post for rant regarding zippers) which I DID get at Fabricland, in a nightmare journey that almost cost me my sanity.

Next up, some perler bead magnets! This was my first time working with perler beads (well, since first grade since I have fuzzy memories of making things with these long ago), and I got one of those giant packages of mixed colours, but regretted it after due to how time-consuming it was to dig through the pile and find ones that were matching in colour. Now I have all these mixed perler beads in 25 colours and no more white ones. Aaaaanyways, these were a lot of fun to make despite that. I once again based them off a screenshot, this one of Zelda: Link to the Past, but didn't have to adjust the aspect ratio, yay! They're fridge magnets of some useful things you might need in case one's fridge finds itself lost in a dungeon in the dark world.

Lastly, I painted a little tetris keychain. Using nailpolish, which might surprise some of you that know me since I never wear nailpolish. I got these awesome little 'nail art' thingies last semester though, that were just too cute, and could be used for making designs on any number of surfaces, and my crafty instincts told me I just had to have it. The keychain is a domino on the other side.

Thanks for reading! Catch you all next time!


Yawg said...

haha, you know what you should do? Make a wrist warmer or a sweat band that says YAWG on it for me!! :D

Haha +5c? we've only barely come back up to 0c.....

And for the first time in YEARS since I STARTED SCHOOL there was a snow day that my sister got to take off..... D:<



Ilix said...

Well, I don't think they put sonw on the brouchure for your school..... LOL Snow days are few and far between here. Sorry hon! hope to see you soon.