Monday, March 31, 2008


This is me totally stressing out. I might be spending a night or two this week in the computer lab trying to get my ridiculous papers done. I have lots of awesome knitting pictures for you guys, I promise! You'll just have to wait a little bit until the insanity is over for me to get them posted. I also have some super secret awesome things I made for a craft swap that I can't post pictures of yet until they arrive in Russia. Exciting! I bet you with you knew what they were ~_^

To my knit night girls, I miss you, and I hope to be back soon. Less than a month until school is done! Huzzah!

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Ilix said...

Miss you too kiddo! Please don't let your computer get the better of you!
I TOTALLY wish I knew what you made for your swap!!! You are a tease!