Sunday, January 27, 2008

Warning: Extreme Geekness in this Post!

Whew! What a busy week! Actually, the beginning of the week wasn't so busy at all because I was attacked by the flu, and rendered unable to do anything for a few days. Now, you'd think I should have been concentrating on catching up on all my missed schoolwork once I started feeling better. HOWEVER, knitters have other priorities. Specifically, today was our long-anticipated post-Christmas party and gift exchange with my gaming group! My first project that I hinted at in my previous post can be seen below, fully completed.

It's a cute lil' d4 dice bag. The only snag I ran into was crocheting the sides together a little too tightly, so the sides didn't look quite as pristinely flat as I was hoping. Also, freehand embroidery isn't my strong point, so it's a small miracle that the numbers look as good as they do.

The second isn't knitting at all. I learned to crochet, just so I could make this. It's from the pattern Magnetic Crochet Katamari although mine doesn't look quite as awesome as the one in the picture. Canada doesn't seem to have the right sort of magnets, and I didn't have quite enough time (it's a long story involving size G and E crochet hooks, Zellers, and me almost buying a mop) so there aren't quite as many nubbins on mine as are called for in the pattern. Perhaps I shall order some magnets online and tackle this pattern again sometime. I also had issues with my yarn being different weights too, because I was unobservant.....

But enough of that, onto the picture!

I didn't expect the pattern to be so big, but it's a really great size to grab and throw around. Even though the magnets in the nubs are pretty small, they're strong enough to grab fairly sizable metal objects if they catch them at the right angle.

The gift exchange and party in general were a success, and well worth the large amounts of time we spent preparing. I made a pinata too, which turned out to be very durable (although we were punching it, not hitting it with a stick) and the random assortment of candy and toys we'd picked out to go inside seemed to work out well. We also had our gift exchange in a D&D game type format, which is enjoyed more by some people than by others, but it was unique in that we made our 'dungeon tiles' out of gingerbread. Everyone got to decorate a 'tile' at the beginning of the party, which were then used for the game later on. The premise was that each room was 'disintegrating' after the group passed through (i.e. we ate them, hehehe). Lots of great gifts were given, fun times were had, delicious food was eaten, guitar hero was played. Nothing more you can ask for in a party.

Also, the socks I'm making for my sister (for Christmas...retroactively) are almost done, and should be ready for a photo shoot of the FO soon! What, homework you say? Well, I suppose I have to do that too......but it's so much more fun to be knitting in denial!


Kraco said...

A very nice and innovative bag! Although when I saw it something about it was bothering me, and after checking, I noticed all three of my d4 dices actually have the numbers in the middle of the sides, and not in the corners. But naturally there could be different dices around.

Ilix said...

Sorry to hear you were sick. I love the great gifts that you made! I can tell you that Princess Auto will be a better place to find magnets next time you try that pattern out! :D see you thursday, if you can come out... if not, maybe next week!

Arzu said...

Yeah, Kraco, my main d4 is like that too, but I also have another one that has the numbers in the corners. I opted for the corners when I made that one because it makes my uneven embroidery less noticeable :P

Hmm, Princess Auto for magnets, eh? I never thought of that. I tried both Staples and Canadian Tire, but didn't have any luck with either of those.

Anonymous said...

Katamari... we have to play when you get home... Is that soon?? -Gerbera Girl