Thursday, January 10, 2008

xkcd strikes again

Some of you may or may not know that one of my most favourite webcomics is xkcd. I thought today's comic to be especially hilarious. Check it out:

In other news, my camera is having issues, so you'll have to wait for pictures of the latest knitting projects. Christmas knitting was all done in a whirlwind, and therefore didn't really get properly documented. Ah well, that's how things go sometimes. I will tell you though, that I'm working on a super exciting little project for a post-Christmas gift exchange I'm attending next week. I got tired of the ridiculous prices Fabricland charges for zippers (and I didn't really have transportation to get there either, so it was kind of a moot point in the first place) so I picked up a pair of pants at Value Village, one of those pairs that has a bunch of little zippered pockets on the legs. You know the kind I mean. I'm going to rip those out, and use them for my projects, AND have material left over for other crafting projects, all the while saving lots of money. Everyone wins! Except for Fabricland. They can stay over in Loserland, till they either lower their zipper prices or move their store closer to my house.


Ilix said...

Yo, glad to have you back! Show me the socks!!!!
Love the Dark Saber scarf too!

Kraco said...

Please don't die in a knitting accident!