Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bitten by the quilting bug

My knitting has been gathering dust. Sitting woefully in the corner, my yarn suffers an aggregious amount of neglect. And the cause? Quilting. Oh how precise and mathematical an art! Oh how lovely the fabrics! How silky the thread! How delightful the soft whirr of my new sewing machine -
Incidentally, this is my first real sewing machine which I purchased off craigslist for a great price last month. It has everything I want in a machine and the previous owner took excellent care of it. She even gave me all her sewing notions because she was moving overseas. It's PERFECT! I tried it out today for the first time and everything worked so smoothly.  For you crafty types that want to know, it's a Janome Memory Craft 4800 Quilter's Companion and came with a walking foot for doing fancy quilting.  So far, I've just used the standard foot and the 1/4 inch seam foot, but I am looking forward to trying out this fun little gadget.
Today was a relaxing crafting day that I spent with a friend. She had never been to Dressew before, which is a travesty since Dressew is nearly obligatory for making any crafts. I needed to go anyhow to pick up a bit more fabric and some thread. I was also in need of an iron and ended up purchasing 'The Mighty Travel Iron'. Because it's so cute and mini! And Mighty!
My current project happens to be a pinwheel quilt for a friend's baby. She is a very good friend and had the good fortune of giving birth last week to a healthy boy. Since I am still in the process of looking for employment, I have time to spare for mammoth crafting projects. In about 7 hours today I cut, pieced, sewed, ironed, and squared up 15 pinwheel blocks. I might have been able to finish all 20, but had to spend some time figuring out the math and learning to use my new sewing machine. The blocks are looking good so far and I'm hoping to get this quilt finished by next weekend!


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Sarah! I'm a proud quilting mom.

sonja said...

ohhhh so excited!! i love you sarah!!

GerberaGirl said...

Gorgeous! So jealous of your set-up. Coincidentally today I cut nearly 5 pieces of the baby quilt I am working on. Your 7 hour record motivates me that maybe I can get it done by the time we leave!

Reena said...


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Amanda K said...

I was just about to ask you on FB what you've been knitting lately - and I went to ravelry to sneek peek, and found this LOL! No WAY! I've been trying to divide my craft time between knitting and quilting lately myself - I'm doing a patch work quilt reclaimed from old cargo pants and camo fabric for one of the boys :) Be sure to post a picture of your pin wheel quilt on FB when you are done! ( and maybe by then you can teach me how to bind my edges!)

Ilix said...

Show us! Show us the quilt!

Anonymous said...

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