Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sewing is irresistible to kitties

It's true. Cats have a special internal radar that goes off whenever you get out a brand new bolt of fabric. No matter where they are in the house, nothing will stop them from carrying out their feline duty to walk and roll all over every piece you want to work with. Needless to say, Minou was overjoyed this week when I was overcome by the urge to do some sewing. The sound of the pencil on the fabric and the scissors as they cut put her into pouncing mode, and she was darting in and out, tackling stray fabric folds, and sliding into the pile before running away again. Here's our little sewing helper in action.

I've also started the Wicked sweater, since my last project was making me avoid my knitting. That t-shirt will sit in the hibernation pile until I feel like dealing with it again. The sweater is going much better though. Here's my progress, after using one ball of Cascade 220. I only have two more, so hopefully they'll be enough for the short-sleeved version of the sweater. From here on in it's all boring stockinette, so I'm saving it for working on while I watch anime.

Speaking of anime, one of my most favourite series of all time, is getting a sequel this fall! Very exciting news! If you've never watched Darker Than Black, and you're a fan of sci-fi, you should watch it right now this very moment. It's a show that does what sci-fi does best: it uses a surreal environment to address current issues and ask questions. Star Trek TNG was especially good at this too (although maybe a bit blatant about it at times) where many episodes addressed social justice issues and cultural differences. Darker Than Black is a bit more subtle, and asks what it means to be human. It's an amazing series, and left lots of unanswered questions that I hope we get to explore in the sequel. Check out the trailer on RandomC's blog!

Till next time, dear readers!

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Aesderina said...

Ah I miss you so :(
Miss you so much at knitting... UGH come back.. COME BACK SOON!
OR we should plan a knitting date:) I think I will suggest it on Ravelry!

You're Kitty is SO cute!! I'm guess she's new!! Can't wait to see what your sewing