Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Danger! Danger Will Robinson!

I am in dire peril. Or rather, my finances and my yarn stash are in dire peril - the former at risk of dwindling away to nothing and the latter at risk of multiplying like a pack of Tribbles. This weekend, there are no less than THREE yarn sales in the area. I know, it's horrifying and blissful, all at the same time.

We'll start with the sad news. Our beloved Knitopia is moving away from Langley and back to White Rock. I shall miss you Knitopia! But, moving means a big moving sale which is ongoing from now until the end of September when they move. I already have so much yarn from the LAST Knitopia sale....but it was such a good deal!

Now, the second sale is Three Bags Full's third anniversary sale. They already have their sale list up online. I've got my eye on some of that 50% off lace as well as the malabrigo sock.....

Third, and most exciting (or most dangerous) is a brand new yarn store opening right in my neighbourhood!
There's going to be yarn deals and cake! Wheeee! Oh my poor poor stash. I'm going to need to get a whole nother shelf to house it all after this weekend is done. A yarn addiction is a terrible thing. I'm supposed to be working on my graduating essay this weekend too, so I can actually, y'know, graduate from linguistics. I'm taking a couple days off work to try and get through it since my parents are flying out here for my graduation in November, which means I HAVE to graduate.

Anyhow, if any of you are in vancouver and want to go sale-touring with me, I'm a great yarn enabler :D

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Susan said...

I wish I could go and be enabled by you... *grins*