Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You know you're hardcore when...

... you get up at 5am just to stand in line outside a yarn store in hopes of getting a door prize on their big sale day. I won't tell you the whole story because I have comprehensive exams tomorrow which I technically should be studying for, but my awesome friend IfIhadaboat wrote down the whole story so please do hop on over to her blog to read about the adventure. I do have corresponding pictures though, which I will post here for your enjoyment. Oh, and I completely forgot to get a picture of it, but we'd brought a tarp to sit on and blankets to huddle under at our campout.

Above is our cheery group, looking remarkably chipper considering that it's 6am and we've been standing out in the cold for half an hour.

And here is the view from the steps of the yarn store. The sun is just starting to rise, and you can see the silhouettes of the mountains on the horizon. By this time, the line had grown to around 20 people.

Here is the jam-packed inside of the store. The first rush to select yarn was over, and everyone had formed one giant line to the checkout that snaked through the whole store (took me about half an hour to get through, but gave me lots of time to think about my yarn choices).

Here is my doorprize! Superwash wool, yum! Totally worth the 5am wakeup.

I had been waiting for ages for an opportunity to buy yarn to make the Rogue cardigan to knitalong with the Langley knitting girls. A 40% off sale was just what I needed! I picked up this Cascade Pastanza to try out, and I've already knitted my guage swatch. I've never knit with wool-llama yarn before, but I think this will be a fun experiment. I love how this yarn looks.

Oh Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Suri Silk.....I could not resist buying it. So expensive, but so lovely.

Sock yarn! After only having variegated sock yarn, I wanted something to show off fancy cables or lacy stitch patterns.

And now, I am poor, but very happy with my purchases. If I can't afford groceries next month, now you know why.

Meanwhile, I've been slowly frogging the ill-fated shrug and transforming it into some Dragonscale Gauntlets for myself! Behold the transformation process!
I also got around to felting a little purse I made more than a year ago. I might run it through the washing machine one more time to felt it a little more.

That's all for me for tonight! Wish me luck on my exams tomorrow and Friday ^_^


bethbbk said...

Good luck on your exams. I love your projects so far. The dragonscale is sooo pretty.

Susan said...

I am completely in awe of your determination. I get up at 0500 for no-one, not even crazy good yarn store door-prizes!

Well, as I say that out loud, I realize I just might... *grins*

Your new finds are totally delicious, and the dragon-scales are amazing. Knit on, sistah! :)

Psyke aka Sean (ショーン) said...

Good luck Sarah! All the best for your exams!

Ilix said...

What a great photo story! glad you guys had fun!

Great goodies, and fantastic shrug transformation!

Papermasks said...

There are few things I would get up that early for. But, 40% off Real Yarn (or a new DSi) would probably do it.

Of course, I'm still a bit Real Yarn shy since my stash was eaten by moths. (Mostly all of it.)

I hate acrylic, but so do moths.

Lots of luck on the test! Can't wait to see what you make with your new yarn!

by the way, my verifiecation word is "logre".

It's a French ogre, apparently. Still smelly, but slightly more sophisticated than his normal ogre cousins. He at least marinades his victims before he eats them and knows what wine to serve.