Thursday, February 12, 2009

OWOH Winners!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this exciting event! It's now time for the super exciting announcement of the winners! Without further ado, our lucky entrants are


Jenna Z the crafter and swapper extraordinaire who you can find over at her blog CorgiPants

Barbara Cagle, a crafter of words (you can read about her book - the wonderful story of her mother who raised 16 children - over at her blog)

and last but not least, Nairo Sionuill a long-time alliance friend from Guild Wars, who shall one day take over the world with aardvarks.

I had my sister supervise the rolling of the dice (the d8 helped out the d20, because it wouldn't do to give the d20 ALL the credit for determining the winners) and all the winners have been notified. In the event that a winner doesn't email me back within 3 days, a new winner will be chosen.

Thanks again everyone for stopping by! This was such a fun contest that I may have more giveaways in future, so please come visit again!


Papermasks said...

Well, darn.

Ah, well, it was so good getting to use this as an excuse to find your blog. :-)

~*~Pandora's Artbox~*~ said...

I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind words about my winnings, but especially about the fibro. It's nice to know there are people out there who understand and are willing and kind enough to lend their support. You'll never know how much it means to me. Thank you!

Barbara Olivo Cagle said...

I just revisited your lovely site. Thanks so much for your doubleknit reversible potholder. I like the black/red. I can't wait to receive them and keep them forever! OHOH has turned me on to the blogging world. Now I'm hooked!

Thanks again,



Barbara #830

Ilix said...

YAY to all the winners!

Jenna Z said...

It came, it came! Thanks so much, it is such a nifty item, I'd loved looking it over, I've never seen something knit like that, what is it, double knit?