Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thesis of DOOOOM!

Every so often, I need to stop in and make one of those "I'm still alive" posts, for everyone in blog land that might be wondering (or not wondering, as the case may be) what has happened to me.  The number of half-written blog posts in my drafts keeps increasing, and meanwhile my actual blogginess keep decreasing.  But I do have a very legitimate excuse at the moment!  That excuse happens to be a 40-pages-and-counting behemoth of text and figures known as the fearsome enemy of grad students everywhere: the thesis.  Ok, so it's not actually my enemy.  In fact, there are times when I'm downright chummy with the thing, but after spending the bulk of my days staring into a computer screen typing out words, I need to take my free time elsewhere.  Alas, that means away from you, my friends of the blogosphere, but be consoled by the fact that very soon I shall be graduated, and very soon I shall have all manner of wonderful things to share with you!  And speaking of wonderful things to share, here's a picture I snapped on my street this week (plus a bonus contrast-enhanced version that I'm using as my desktop background right now, so feel free to snag that if you like it).  I love rainbows so much!  I've been sharing this pic with everyone, because some things are meant to be shared  :)

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