Thursday, February 17, 2011

OWOH Winners!!!

Hello again blogland!

Well, I haven't yet updated you all on the things that I should be updating, like part 2 of the appendix story (short version: everyone is surprised by my speedy recovery!) but in my defense, catching up on the schoolwork I missed while in the hospital is no small task.  Anyhow, don't worry about OWOH, because I am here to announce the winners of this marvelous event!  Also, I am overwhelmed by the plethora of comments and kind words you have all given me this past week.  I seriously seriously want to give prizes to everyone.  Because you are so cool!  And you all have these totally rad blogs that I'm still visiting and enjoying!  But alas, I have limited finances and resources, so I have to settle for 3 winners.  Oh, did I say 3?  That's right.  BONUS WINNER!

So, here's the deal.  I got so into this whole wire and dice thing that I made some more earrings.  Is that cool?  I just couldn't help myself.  So, here are the first two of my randomly chosen winners with new and improved pictures!!!

Congratulations to Gail, commenter #4, who wins the d4 earrings!  She is an amazing storyteller and I was definitely giggling to myself as I was reading through her blog.  You are such a warmly caring person Gail, and I am so glad to have met you through this event.  I also refute your statement that you have no authentic creative talents to share, because your writing is so creative and you share so much of it with us.  Hope you enjoy this little doorprize!

Now, since I promised I'd add another prize if I got over 100 entries, congratulations are in order for Deci, who has a wonderful blog called Gem Trails full of copious amounts of information for aspiring jewelry artists and wannabe's like me.  I almost feel bad passing off my shoddy beginner work to such a pro, but I've found at least as a knitter that I so often give away all my knitting that it's delightful and so much more meaningful to receive knitting from someone else.  So Deci, congratulations, and I hope you enjoy these wire-wrapped d10's (see?  There's a crazy unintentional theme going on here with the dice numbers and winners... God totally has a sense of humour) that rather surprised me with how nicely they turned out as I whipped them together at the last minute today.  I shall be back to your blog again and again I'm sure, as I branch out into more adventurous jewelry crafting.

And wait, don't go yet, there's a BONUS PRIZE!  Yes, that's right, one extra prize, but NOT chosen by random.  The last winner is chosen by meeeee, and I feel quite justified in bringing some choosification here at the end cause it was a last-minute decision on my part, and I wanted to do something for someone who left me a really fun comment leading to a really fun blog, thereby expanding my friendships in blogdom.  And there were lots, and I love them, but I have to say, my choice this round goes to Sunshineshelle, whose self-proclaimed talent is eating leftovers (LOL!) but is actually quite an amazing artist with a whole family chock-full of artistic talent.  So, for you lovely Shelle, just for being you, I present these one-of-a-kind d8 earrings, again just a tad mis-matched because I bet you roll like that too   ;)

I'll be contacting the winners momentarily, and hopefully they send me their addresses before the weekend so I can get these all mailed out.  

Thanks to everyone who played in OWOH!  Hope to see you around!  And I really will get back to regular blogging soon, promise!


Sunshineshelle said...

OK, I meant to write in comments sooner but I've been reading about appendectomies (had to use spell check on that one) hope you are all mended Arzu... then I checked out your recent watched anime (ours is 'Soul Eater' & 'The Melancholy OF Haruhi Suzumiya' both cool) I want to tell you that although I wrote an email (like personal blogger to blogger) I actually want to say to the virtual world I'M SOOOOO FREAKIN' THRILLED!!!!! OMG This is the BEST!!!!! I just got my family to check it out, The Big F (my hubby) Memphis & Trinity (my teen babes) OK my dog Milo does not read but believe me if I'm happy he's happy :) and I want to say Congrats to Gail & Deci BUT THANK YOU THANK YOU from me!!!!

gpc said...

I am so excited to win these beautiful earrings! Thank you so much! It has been so much fun to meet you, I hope we will visit regularly from now on.

borderlinegirl said...

I have to say, I appreciated the chance to check out your blog. I really like the earrings that Deci won ( I think they're gorgeous). Reading your blog makes me smile.

maquiberriesblog said...

What a great idea for a set of earrings! Especially of you are a board gamer. :)

Sunshineshelle said...

Hi Sarah!!!!! So excited, I got your earrings & I AM STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please check out my blog as I wanted to thank you & show everyone what beautiful earrings you made & hope you don't mind but put a link to your blog too because people should know there are wonderful people in the world!!!
HUGS x 10

Sunshineshelle said...

HI!!!!!! Long time no blog LOL, you must be super busy, hope you get some time to relax ;) Just wanted to say I wore my earrings all last weekend at the 'Supanova' convention, I was at in Brissy & I LOVE them (I think I saw people eyeing them off, either that or I had food on my face LOL)... I've worn them before too, but I want you to know I get such a buzz out of them each time I put them on, so 'thanks' again, they make me smile :) & just thought I'd call by & tell you so!! Hugs from me xoxo