Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Designer and cat news

I have been knitting like a madwoman. I've even managed to partially get over being carsick so that I can knit on the bus! This is an exciting development that reclaims precious daytime hours for knitting. I'm very optimistic about how much progress I am going to make on the request list this year. I have also been doing homework like a madwoman. It is the nature of the procrastinator to be most productive in the time of highest stress and busyness. As I sit staring forlornly at my textbook, my imagination is spinning with projects to be knit, cookies to be baked, letters to be written, books to be read, etc etc. So, I actually have been doing quite a bit.

One item of interest is that I am officially a designer on Ravelry. I've had a couple charts up for a while, but recently started to compile all my other charts I've made for free download. I do plan to put up my Mario Boo and Question Box charts too, though I'm writing them up into an official scarf pattern rather than just tossing up the chart, because I realized that I wanted to write a pattern that would teach people non-reversible doubleknitting. So stay tuned for that! I know there are people reading this who have wandered over here from my Ravelry page, so if that's you, welcome! Stick around, have some cookies, leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

This also means that all semblance of anonymity is lost since my designer page contains my real name, though most of you know who I am anyhow. So, while we're revealing real life details, I'll let you know that you can find me other places on the interwebs. Most notably on the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research page which has a little blurb about my research if you're interested in science-y stuff and if you wonder what I do when I'm not knitting or baking.

The other news is regarding the only remaining feline at the ancestral home. Since poor Skittles met his untimely end likely in the belly of some coyotes last summer, only Creeper remains to keep my mom company with his chirruping meows while my dad is out working in the fields.

This fluffy bundle of cuteness was found to have diabetes recently. I didn't even know it was possible for cats to get diabetes. The poor little guy needs to have insulin injections now. It's not all bad for him though because he's been switched to an all-protein diet which means SALMON and TUNA every day. Truly, Creeper is eating like a king, and I'm sure will soon become ridiculously spoiled.

When discussing this with Zana on Sunday, she exclaimed, "Your mom needs a backup cat! What will happen if this one dies?" I tend to agree, though my mom seems to think that she's done with having new cats. We just need to conveniently arrange to have a kitten arrive at the house. Mwahaha!

Anyhow, not that this was ground-breaking news, but I wanted an excuse to post some cat pictures. Peace out my friends ^_^

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